Welcome to Nuqboard !

This is not a revolution. We are not redefining anything. We are not reinventing the wheel. But what we are doing - is obsessing over making great products for the pop-culture enthusiast community in India. We are fans. We are geeks. We are the shows that you stayed up late at night to binge watch. We are the movies that you struggled to get tickets to for the first show. We are the anime series that you watched with subtitles (no dubs, please). We are your favourite character’s catchphrase that you’ve casually thrown into a conversation. We are Nuqaat Studio.

Founded in 2020 in Delhi, Nuqaat Studio is a direct-to-consumer specialty brand that focuses on licensed pop culture inspired apparel and accessories. We are an independent, self-funded business started by a bunch of minds who were curious enough to do something cool, and here we are some 2+ years later still excited about the next great t-shirt that we’re about to drop.

We started this journey by making awesome graphic tees, and have slowly expanded over the years to host a full line up of apparel and accessories. We have always laid emphasis on sourcing our products locally and we continue to do so with every new product line that we launch. We’re inspired by the multiverse, but proudly made in India!

Apart from the big-name franchises and brands that we’ve collaborated with, we also make merchandise for several leading creators and influencers in India.

The Team

We are a small team of real-life humans and we would be happy to go out of our way to help you pick out your new favorite t-shirt. 

If you need help with your order, mail us at orders@nuqaatstudio.com (preferred) or call on +91 – 70424 29070 (Mon-Sat, 10 AM – 6 PM)
For any enquiries regarding social media collaborations, college festivals and sponsorships – please mail us at social@nuqaatstudio.com
For business and marketing enquiries only – please mail us at marketing@nuqaatstudio.com
Need to talk to us about something else? Mail us at: connect@nuqaatstudio.com

We’re also present on all the major social media platforms, give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter .